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    Hello Folks,

    The usual story - I bricked my blackra1n jailbroken 3.1.2 FW, 5.11.07 baseband iphone 3GS - stuck on apple logo with spinning wheel. Have been prowling the net eversince trying to salvage my data before I do a restore. Ignorant me - I did not install SSH nor any back ups. I tried iPhoneExplorer, IREB, iDemocracy 3, iPhoneBrowser, iLiberty+, irecovery, QuickPwn, ZiPhone and blackrain with no success. The ONLY thing that 'talks' to iphone in recovery or DFU is irecovery - I ran all the commands but nothing! I even ran the ScanCopy09 - the windows version of acclaimed PhoneView (MegaPhone) - does not detect the phone in recovery.

    1) This is an SOS to all the Iphone Gods out there - is there any app that can recover files while Iphone is in recovery or dfu mode?
    2) If not, my (reluctant) second plan is to do a restore with downloaded 3.1.2 and SHSH blobs that I just uploaded to Cydia using AutoSHSH. After the restore, I should be able to recover most files by taking an iphone disk image on my pc as shown here:

    However, I am confused - should I do a stock restore of 3.1.2 using SHSH or do a custom 3.1.2 FW? From what I understand the custom FW will be pre-jailbroken - any other benefit to it? And how come iTunes does not check your ECID with a custom FW but does it with stock FW?

    I welcome any ideas/help please.

    2010-05-12 02:19 AM