1. RCizzle65's Avatar
    I lost my photos and videos due to the Spirit Jailbreak, and found the iPhone Backup Extractor....is there any alternative for Windows? I don't exactly want to extract each of my pics and videos file by file.

    Okay, just found one if anyone still needs it, I'm about to try it right now: Recover Images From Your iPhone Backups With Spirit Recover (Windows) | The iPhone Guru
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    2010-05-16 06:17 AM
  2. Kez's Avatar
    Hi I dont suppose you saved a copy of the program as the download link has gone from the site?

    You would be a life save (or photo saver in this case) if you did!
    2010-06-22 06:45 AM
  3. RCizzle65's Avatar
    I'm so sorry, I don't have it anymore
    2010-06-27 09:56 PM