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    Hey Guys,

    I'm having a major problem with my iPhone. (3G 3.1.3)

    I wasn't happy with the speed of my phone after I jailbroke it and decided to wipe it clean and have as few apps as possible on the phone.

    I restored and updated to 3.1.3 when it was released and had no problems.

    Last week I decided to jailbreak because or some new apps i wanted to try out.

    I jailbroke it with Redsn0w, pointed it to a 3.1.2 FW and all went well.

    Installed the usual Winterboard, SBsettings etc.

    Everything seemed fine until one morning I woke up and I could not connect via Wifi. When I went in to scan for new wifi networks nothing showed up whereas I would usually get about 5 or 6 wifi points from around my house.

    Got to work and tried scanning there, nothing came up.

    I then restored the phone in normal mode, recovery mode and DFU mode. Back to 3.1.2. Nothing....

    I have even tired re-tracing my steps, jailbroke again and restored apps from Rock. Still nothing.

    If I try to manually enter an SSID and IP address I get an error saying " Could not scan for wireless networks "

    My phone is out of warranty so I can't go to apple for repair without paying.

    I am thinking though that this is a software issue, maybe firmware.

    Is there a way to ensure that when I restore to 3.1.3 that all the relevant files are updated. Boot Rom, loader etc....
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    2010-05-18 03:53 PM
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    Right quick update.

    I restored to 3.1.3 once again. Jailbroke it, installed SBsettings.

    Toggled 3G, Edge, Wifi a few times with Sbsettings.

    Toggled Airplane mode a few times, toggled wifi a few times.

    Reset Network settings and when the phone restart I could view all available wifi networks again.

    With this working I restored again in an attempt to 'catch' the wifi in working mode.

    It seemed to work for all of 2mins. I could scan for networks, connect and use safari to surf but then after 2mins or so the wifi was dropped again.

    Try to scan for networks and nothing shows up again.

    What the hell?

    Anyone have any ideas?
    2010-05-20 04:02 PM
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    Exact same thing here. Any help PLEASE!!!!
    2010-06-24 01:45 AM
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    i have this problem too...
    2010-07-20 08:59 PM