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    Hi All,
    Just a quick question for the opinions for all of you out there with the iPhone 2G. I'm contemplating getting a 3GS off ebay but I'm waiting for firmware 4.0 and an subsequent unlock to be released so I can use my tmobile prepaid sim. I'll then give the wife my 2G 16gig. But for now, I have my 2G pretty tweaked to my liking and its working great. Only have it up and running for about a month with tmobile sim (got it for free!) I have it JB and running 3.1.3 and its unlocked (think I used snowbreeze). I have a few camera apps and video camera apps on it, but I'm not sure if there is something better out for both of them or if I have the best available for quality. Some of the apps really seem to be laggy. The ones I have on the 2G are:
    Camera One - All in one (for stills)
    Qik Video Camera Pro (for video)
    The standard camera for the 2G that's included

    Any input is appreciated! I just want the best apps I can get for quality. Don't really need all the extra bells and whistles for frames, etc. I think the 2G only has a max camera of 2MP but not sure of the video max framerates for different programs. And the Camera One program seems to be very sluggish.

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    2010-05-24 03:10 PM
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    I have Qik. It's great. I just use my standard cam for pics, it works perfectly fine.
    2010-05-25 01:56 AM
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    Hi there and thanks for the input. You say u have qik the video app or is there a qik still camera app? I agree, qik video works fine for me. But for still photos is there something that is really better than the 2g standard app or are they all gimmicks? I bought the All In One and it's ok but there is a 5sec delay while it saves the photo that was just taken
    2010-05-25 02:59 AM
  4. i.Annie's Avatar
    Qik video. Camera One has good reviews, I just like the standard cam cuz its quick for me.
    2010-05-25 03:21 AM