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  1. Simba's Avatar
    hello, i just bought my brand new iphone. so i was wondering whats the latest and safety iphone unlocking software out here for windows. please give me some direction on how i should unlock my iphone.

    i heard jailbreak, ibrick softwares are unlocking the iphone. is that the only software for unlocking the phone. where can i find a fully detailed information on how to unlock the iphone for free using the software method.

    any help would be appreciated. thank you
    2007-09-27 03:49 AM
  2. whizkid's Avatar
    for jailbreaking is just opening your iphone system its not unlocking since there are so many unlocking procedures u can follow in this forum.For jailbreaking-----> ibrickr downloading and process follow at
    Credit to NAte Tru
    2007-09-27 05:02 AM