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    Earlier today I was trying to do a fresh reinstall of an appstore app, but frustrated by the fact that it kept restoring my old app settings when I reinstalled. I (stupidly) thought that deleting the application's directory after uninstalling would solve the problem. It didn't.

    Instead, this app now shows up in itunes as being on my phone, but will not show up in springboard OR uninstall when I attempt to do so through iTunes (it just hangs). It won't reinstall either when I redownload the app on my phone.

    I REALLY don;t want to have to restore to solve this problem. Can anyone help me find what file(s) the iPhone uses to store its list of installed applications, so I can manually remove all references to it?
    2010-05-26 05:50 PM
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    2010-05-26 05:56 PM
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    Yes, it's the app directory in there that I deleted. BUT the phone still thinks the app is installed, yet can;t uninstall it because the directory is gone. And there's no way I can recreate that directory because I don't know it's name.

    I foolishly assumed that the iPhone's .ipa installer/manager would be smart enough to detect that the application'd folder was no longer present and automatically remove any remnants of that app. Seems I assumed too much.

    Edit: Sorted! idea how, though.

    Somehow, setting iTunes to un-sync ALL apps and stopping it after less than 1% actually resulted in the broken app ending up properly installed. I lost about 20 apps in the process, which I had to re-sync after, but at least everything's working properly now. I have no idea how the hell what I did could have fixed it (I only stopped the sync because I remembered something I hadn't backed up), but somehow it did.
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    2010-05-26 06:33 PM