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    I suppose whatever would make this word would work with the iPhone microphone as well.

    Basically, I'm multi-tasking and wanting to auto-tune my voice through phone calls. I can run the T-Pain auto tuner at the same time as my SIP/Skype/Voice Memo, but while multi-tasking I can hear myself auto tuned through the iPod, but on the other side of the phone or on the recorded voice memo my voice sounds unedited. Is there a way to chain it so that...

    A. It either uses my voice input auto-tuned through other apps?


    B. Have the iPod think that the left or right headphone was the microphone, so it sends my auto-tuned voice from the T-Pain app being on (I suppose you could use this to have people listen to a song you put on if you open your Music app)

    Any help appreciated, thanks!
    2010-05-28 09:30 PM