1. parnil's Avatar
    I apologize if the question is stupid but I'm very new.

    I have a jailbroken and hacktivated iPhone 3G (3.1.2) and the obvious push notification problems exist. I also have an old iPod Touch (1G, 3.1.2) that is no longer in use. Is it possible in any way to use the files off of the iPod in order to enable Push on the iPhone? It's okay if Push no longer works on the iPod as a result.
    2010-05-29 09:11 AM
  2. jkmonkey's Avatar
    You can try using pushfix from cydia.
    2010-05-29 06:40 PM
  3. i.Annie's Avatar
    Push Doctor it doesnt send you messages from random people like Push Fix does (yes Ive gotten facebook messages, email, yahoo messages, and so on before from strangers).

    Google: "Push Doctor repo" to find the repo.

    I cant give you the repo here thats why
    2010-05-29 07:46 PM
  4. jkmonkey's Avatar
    Or you could also update to a stock 3.1.3 and rejailbreak with spirit which is untethered and doesn't have the push problem that blacra1n had.
    2010-05-29 08:10 PM