1. inco9nito99's Avatar
    Here's the scenario guys...

    I recently had my home PC hard drive go bad on me, unfortunately my iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 had been synced with this machine. Now, any time I try plugging in my iPhone to add music/etc, iTunes asks me to sync and thereby having me lose all of my music/videos/etc. So thus far, I have not attempted to do this. My question is a two part one:

    1.) Is there anyway to sync my iPhone to my machine, but NOT lose any info that's currently on my iPhone? Since I have two computers at home is there anyway I can choose which machine I want to sync with at will? (ie one day I have something on my laptop I want to sync and the next I have something on my PC I want to sync?) Essentially having two options to sync with.

    2.) Is there anyway for me to transfer my music off of my iPod onto my iPhone without losing data on either device? I'm not too too savvy with iTunes so if there is a better alternative, I'm all for it.

    Thanks in advance for anybody who has input!
    2010-06-02 06:33 PM
  2. Cid6.7's Avatar
    I think if you connect it to ur pc start up itunes right click on ur device & hit backup it'll back up ur phone or touch...Then hit the transfer purchases button...Then go ahead & sync...Then you can go & restore your phone with your backup..??

    Im just guessing so if this doesnt work dont shoot the messenger...iTunes is the most confusing software released...

    Sync means just that NOT ERASE get it right apple..!!!
    2010-06-02 07:04 PM