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    Okay heres my problem with the my iPhone I'm thinking it may be the digitizer but I'm not sure.

    Ipod app on Iphone skips like a cd during the playing of songs. I have tried unauthorizing the computer, changing to aac format, ive also erased my library of songs and loaded them again, and I've uninstalled and reinstalled itunes ...nothings worked {it can't be the songs because it works perfectly fine on my ipod nano}

    the touch screen will also freeze to where I have to hit the sleep button and from there unlock the phone and the touch screen will sense my touch again

    also photos are showing weird...I've tried renaming them, making a new folder with a new name, erasing the photo cache, and erasing and resyncing them hasnt fixed the problem.

    I did a restore last night hoping to fix the problem and it didn't help. I'm runing on Itunes 9.1.1 my iPhone is on 3.1.2 it's a 3G. Has NO water damage, has been dropped short distances while on the charger by my puppies

    It seems like all these issues started once I tried to install a theme that had springjumps and once I uninstalled springjumps the folders were still appearing on my iPhone screen so I deleted them through DiskAid

    {File attached is a screenshot from my phone of what the messed up photo looks like...a few look messed up like this}
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    2010-06-07 12:42 AM
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    When you restored, did you set it up as a new phone not from back up?
    2010-06-07 01:31 AM
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    No it was a complete restore from the ipsw

    I solved the problem myself. If anyone has problems like this and has zonealarm....an firewall and anti-virus program installed just uninstall it disabling it wont help.
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    2010-06-07 03:56 AM