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    I need some help or ideas. Just got off the phone with a good friend of mine who is a manager at an AT&T store. He just got off a 3 hours conference call with HQ. I have been using my 3g with unlockit.nz.co to avoid paying the $30 a month Data Plan. I have been using Media Net. I loving every minute of it. Well, he spoiled my fun. He said that AT&T are running scripts on IMEI's. Meaning, for an example, if you have a Razor on your account, and you took out your SIM Card and put it in a iPhone, in their system in the store it would be an Razor, but if you log into your account online, with will show up as an iPhone. He said they are trying to crackdown on SIM swapping. Also, he said that you have to activate the MicroSIM that comes with the iPhone. You cant just take your SIM now and put it into the 4G. Anyone have any ideas on how to trick their system so I dont have to pay for the Data Plan and keeping everything the same.

    Thank you
    2010-06-08 11:04 PM
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    They have been cracking down on it for the past few months. That is not new. And since nobody has the iPhone 4 yet then nobody will know.
    2010-06-09 01:18 AM
  3. boywonder's Avatar
    i did not know even know that. WOW!!! These guys are trying to get slick. I just hope someone will come out with some idea to make this no visiable in the system. I guess I have to wait and see
    2010-06-09 02:07 AM
  4. screamforme02's Avatar
    yeh you would have to spoof the imie number over att network, but i dont think its going to happen. just nut up or shut up why would you want a super phone with out a data plan.? seems kinda backwards or someother word i cant think of
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2010-06-09 07:14 PM
  5. boywonder's Avatar
    Yeah, about that. I'll nut up. I'm paying $20 a month for 2,000 min and unlimited everything. And I been using the 3G on the plan for the past year and a half. And loving it.
    2010-06-09 11:45 PM
  6. char1090's Avatar
    your solution is to buy iphone4, tell them you sold it, then place the iphone in an old phone, then call att, and read off the phones imei number, after thats done, tell them you want to block all data. After that, place the sim back in the iphone4 and everything is done. When you choose to block the data, there is no way of them finding out your using an iphone without a data plan, because the data option is completely blocked, the only way they could possibly find out, is if you useing the same iphone to give them a call back, because it shows up as iphone when your talking to them.

    I did this with my 3gs and I also worked at an att call center for a little bit
    = Over a year of success and I haven't heard **** from att
    2010-06-10 11:45 AM
  7. Cer0's Avatar
    Anytime you make a call to anyone your IMEI shows up. They could also just do a "sweep" of the network and find IMEIs for iPhones without a data plan.
    2010-06-10 11:51 AM
  8. screamforme02's Avatar
    who are these noobs, you cant get free data or use an iphone on att and not have it. please by all means prove me wrong please please do
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2010-06-11 12:54 AM
  9. boywonder's Avatar
    Screamform02. I have $100 saying that you can have a Media Plan on a iPhone and have full internet usage. Are you in for that bet?
    2010-06-11 01:18 AM
  10. screamforme02's Avatar
    im in the US and use att. if they see an iphone on there network your data goes back on. i have trouble using my iphone data plan on a crappy flip phone is use while camping and other activities to rough for an iphone. and yes if you can prove it bring it on! but seeing this is the inter web i dont see how you would be able to prove it but please try
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2010-06-12 01:29 AM
  11. Organdoner's Avatar
    I've had 2 iPhones without data plans. iPhone 2g I had for a year and didn't have a data plan. then sold it and got a 3g and still didn't have a data plan for about a year. it is possible...not guarenteed. it just depends on AT&T and luck. guess I was pretty lucky. buying 3rd party and jb it which bypasses activation and using unlockit's fake apn and calling AT&T to block all data worked for me. guess it's just a matter of luck
    2010-06-12 10:25 AM
  12. creolesugarface's Avatar
    I want an iPhone 4 without data temporarily.
    2010-06-13 04:10 PM
  13. Organdoner's Avatar
    I'd say with the 4 you could go without a data plan for a little but, but eventually they'll send that "text" letting you know they added a data plan for you shortly after
    2010-06-13 09:30 PM
  14. redcard's Avatar
    Just don't buy an Iphone 4 if you can't afford it.
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    2010-06-13 09:40 PM