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  1. cashonly's Avatar
    Are there any apps that will look at my text messages coming in, and if they have a particular word in them, they can play a selected sound file that I associate with that word?

    I have a 3GS 3.1.2 Jailbroken, AT&T
    2010-06-11 04:57 PM
  2. screamforme02's Avatar
    no i do not believe there is. not a bad idea though. do you mean if a message came in from "nick" and he said "hey" it would play a certain tone because of the word "hey"?
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    2010-06-12 12:14 AM
  3. cashonly's Avatar
    Yes, that's correct. Sometimes when I'm with someone and a text comes in, I don't want to pull my phone out of my pocket to see if it's important (cause it's usually not), but if I can give people keywords, I don't even have to look if it's not important.
    2010-06-12 01:05 AM
  4. skyee's Avatar
    yep,that will be cool,i think it can be reached
    2010-06-12 04:12 AM