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    This is the best news i've heard in so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now I just need to get a micro sim card from rogers some how and im good to go lol


    MONTREAL - Canadian users of Apple's new iPhone 4 will have the option to move freely from one wireless provider to another.

    Consumers will be able to buy the new iPhone from Apple without a long-term contract, which would allow them to migrate to the wireless provider of their choice.

    Apple's website says the new iPhone 4 works with micro-SIM cards that are used by carriers around the world, meaning that international travellers could use their phones with providers in other countries.

    The new iPhone will also sold by major Canadian carriers including Rogers (TSX:RCI.B), Telus (TSX:T) and Bell (TSX:BCE).

    Apple is also debuting an unlocked version of the 8G iPhone 3GS the previous model later this month priced at $549 without a contract.

    The iPhone 4 is due to be released June 24 in the United States and by the end of July in Canada.

    In the U.S., Apple and AT&T started taking orders for the coming iPhone model on Tuesday, but buyers reported problems getting their orders registered.

    Shoppers said they were met with error messages on the company Web sites, and lines formed in stores as clerks tried to get orders into their systems.

    Computer systems at Apple Inc., the maker of the phone, or AT&T Inc., its exclusive U.S. carrier, have had various problems meeting demand for the iPhone every year since the first one launched, in 2007.

    Neither Apple nor AT&T commented on the latest problems. They come a week after AT&T plugged an embarrassing security hole on its website, which exposed the email addresses of people who had bought another Apple product, the iPad 3G.

    Japanese phone company Softbank started taking orders earlier in the day, and was also flooded with requests. Softbank spokesman Furuya Katsuhide said that the better-than-expected demand had stressed the company's systems, which slowed both its Web site and the reservation process at stores.

    With files from The Associated Press
    I am not a jailbreak n00b
    I like to drink iPhoneahol...
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    2010-06-18 01:34 AM
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    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2010-06-18 02:12 AM