1. ianbroste's Avatar
    When I preordered from Apple.com I was disappointed to find they would only ship to the AT&T billing address, my home. Even the customer service guy at Apple said it had to ship to the billing address. I thought I was going to be able to have it shipped to my work and it turns out you can. Just sign into your account on Apple.com and edit the shipping address. After I did that I called back to Apple to verify it would ship to my work and she said it would.

    Basically wanted to let anyone know who wanted to have it ship to their work and not their home that it is possible cause I didn't know until today.
    2010-06-18 02:37 AM
  2. bftiedt's Avatar
    i seen that on the apple site last night and almost changed mine but then with all the problems with the pre orders being canceled i changed my mind. I will log back into my apple account and change mine now that its been confirmed it will work.
    2010-06-18 03:14 AM