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    I live in New Zealand and am trying to get a mate of mine to send me an iPhone 4 from the UK once they are released this week. Now the iPhone 4 that is bought at an Apple Store can be bought sim-free, which is another way of saying unlocked.

    But I thought of a possible problem.

    Afew months ago I was on Holiday in Australia and had to restore my phone. When in Oz, I use a local sim as our phones in NZ have always been unlocked out of the box. The problem was it wouldn't activate with my Oz sim as it was a NZ phone, I had to put my NZ sim in it to activate.

    Has anyone else had this experience? Was this a one off, or will I need to always use a UK sim to activate a UK phone even though it is unlocked?

    Also, I haven't reserved a phone anywhere so if anyone has a good idea of what stores in the London area might have enough stock left over that someone can walk in on launch day and buy one, that would be more appreciated,,, I know my chances are slim But my mate leaves London on Saturday 26th, so he has to get it before then if he is going to bring it back for me. He is a very good mate, but I don't think he is going to que for ours for me

    2010-06-19 02:52 PM