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  1. galagator's Avatar
    I have had a search through google and a few forums and cannot find a definitive answer to this conundrum:

    My iPhone (3g, jailbroken, 3.1.3 fw) was hooked up to a pc via usb and it spacked out a bit, i.e: it was vibrating like it was charging, then stop then vibrate again - possibly a faulty usb hub causing it. I didn't think much of it at the time - but I think it may have fried the usb connection on the phone itself.

    It can still charge while hooked to an official wall adapter and ipod cable, but that's about where it ends. When charging from a computer it can charge it from empty up to 15%, but doesn't seem to get any higher than that.

    After hooking it to several different computers (Windows and Mac) and not one of them even recognizing that a device was connected, malfunctioning or not - I have concluded that the required connections for data interraction are screwed - but obviously the rudimentary connections for power still work as can be seen when plugged in to wall charger.

    So, after that long winded explanation - my question is this:

    I want to get a new one back under warranty from Apple (for a ridiculous 3rd time in just under 2 years for various issues), but it has various jailbroken apps and evidence of software tampering I dont particularly want them having. It's a long shot - but is there a way to restore via SSH? I.e send a firmware file over wifi in to a certain location and have it install on reboot. Alternatively, I have the tools to open it up - how do they tell if the hardware has been opened? This is a refurbished iphone given to me as a replacement.

    Any replies will be most appreciated

    2010-06-21 03:16 AM
  2. ianbroste's Avatar
    I wish I could help you with the restore but I can tell you I'd advise you against taking apart your phone if you hope to get any help from apple.
    2010-06-21 08:06 AM
  3. galagator's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip mate, I guess I will have to try to make it look as close to stock standard and cross my fingers. Any suggestions? Removing all cydia apps except for SSH perhaps.

    What a bastard of a problem
    2010-06-24 06:45 AM