1. Reako's Avatar

    2008-03-19 05:03 AM
  2. one1's Avatar
    you can make a video response to that video and make all the comments you want.
    2008-03-20 01:42 PM
  3. Reako's Avatar
    I wonder why he keeps deleting our comments? What a fag.

    2008-03-20 09:20 PM
  4. dale1v's Avatar
    dale1v adds theinterviewer to his hitlist.
    2008-03-21 12:02 AM
  5. chesky69's Avatar
    that guy is jokes
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    2008-03-21 01:22 AM
  6. iFilipino's Avatar
    He is a dumb***. Ha, let's make a group prosecuting iPhone dumb***es in YouTube!
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    2008-03-21 02:05 AM
  7. iphonejeff's Avatar
    its funny how he has the "phone pluged in" bu it isnt even charging..
    2008-03-21 03:39 AM
  8. dale1v's Avatar
    That's what I said in the comments. Then he deleted it.
    2008-03-21 08:43 AM
  9. iancdp's Avatar
    "Isnt it pretty" mad gay and who says o look at the code i mean if you developed it wouldnt you know what its doing
    2008-03-21 08:59 AM
  10. playful_cyanide's Avatar
    why is he using an old ipod cable? didn't it come with a newer "button-less" version? Just wondering.
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    2008-03-21 11:42 AM
  11. luiz's Avatar
    LOL another thing, u can see on the first page he has the ziphone webclip that u get from ziphone, and u cant get that if u add the page as a webclip, u only get it through ziphone....
    2008-03-21 12:36 PM
  12. desepticon's Avatar
    what an ***. I recommend we close this thread as it seems all this guy wants is attention. Why fuel the fire.
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    2008-03-21 12:44 PM
  13. TheHK's Avatar
    He deleted my post.. all I asked was a seemingly innocent q, "what happened when you said WTF? Did Ziphone do something?" lol ..
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    2008-03-21 12:45 PM
  14. iphonejeff's Avatar
    yea this guy is stupid...
    2008-03-21 09:22 PM
  15. MattMac's Avatar
    Lol, like one of the biggest noobs.
    He just wanted a chance to show off what he has on his iPhone and his boyfriends ***.
    Lol, and the edge symbol goes away when you make a call normally. If it was using the internet it would stay there.
    You know you gotta give the guy some credit, I mean he did open a cool vid on YouTube. LOL.

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    2008-03-21 09:42 PM
  16. iFilipino's Avatar
    YouTube should get to cleaning out the fags.

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    2008-03-21 11:16 PM
  17. iphonejeff's Avatar
    omg look a this

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qposUIBU2fA"]YouTube - Fergalicious lip sync champion[/ame]
    2008-03-22 12:15 AM
  18. desepticon's Avatar
    wow. i need to wash my eyes now
    My brother was eaten by wolves on the NJ Turnpike.
    2008-03-22 12:21 AM
  19. iphonejeff's Avatar
    2008-03-22 08:47 AM
  20. dale1v's Avatar
    2008-03-22 08:59 AM
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