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    Hi guys I have few simple questions for you I'll be greatful if someone can help me out...Thanks

    Ok i have Iphone 3gs which i jailbreak using spirit..firmware was 3.1.3 n baseband 5.12.01....well now as u know u couldnt unlock it before but now unclocking solution coming out...I just tried ultraSn0w 0.93 to try to unlock it well i think it worked but my question is will that unlock iphone on any network or just the ones iphone works on i.e t-mobile orange etc my phone origially on O2 i just tried t-mobile sim n its working ni had naomi sim i tried that but i didnt work well to be honest i never tried to put anyother sim before using ultrasnow as i thought its locked to O2 so my main question is

    Can u unlock iphone on all network?
    2010-06-23 04:00 PM