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    This information is probably easily found elsewhere but I dont have the time to search for it - hopefully someone can answer these quick questions for me from personal experience.

    1. Can the iphone by sync'd with Outlook using Active Sync? I'm used to have having an HTC/A smart phone where all my outlook contacts, tasks, calander etc would be synced with my pda phone. Can iphone do the same in the same format?

    2. Can you wirelessly sync?

    3. For those in the UK, if you have purchased the phone from The Carphone Warehouse, can you still view all your itemised calls on the O2 web site and check for free minutes? I have always used and bought from O2 online in the past and am used to this ability to check calls

    4. Is it true that iphone cannot play mp3 files and HAS to be converted into its own proprietary format via itunes?

    5. Does unlocking the phone really damage the handset when it comes to doing a patch upgrade? I know they say it voids the warranty but does anyone actually know of phones not working after an update of an unlocked phone? How easy is it to get it working again?

    6. When will software from private developers start appearing on iphone?

    7. Is the 8gb model "generally" sufficient? It doesnt seem like much

    8. I understand that you cannot take video clips - sounds naff given that most phones now can. Is this a hardware deficient or software deficient - does anyone think a simple patch upgrade might create this ability to take videos?

    9. Anyone know of any rumours of a new iphone release with GPS or 3G?

    2008-03-17 04:29 PM
  2. benkay's Avatar
    1. You can synchronise the things you mention, but I cannot say if it uses Activesync or some proprietary system.
    2. No, not at present. Version 2.0 software update (due June) will allow for Exchange synching which would give you this functionality if you have an Exchange Server,
    3. Not sure, sorry.
    4. NO, iPhone can play mp3 files, they do not need to be converted.
    5. Part of the downside of using a jailbroken phone is that you do have to be fairly careful not to update your iphone's software until there is a new hack/unlock method released. This usually only takes a week or so, and is very simple to do as the community are releasing better and better tools all the time.
    6. June with the release of the new software (officially). If you jailbreak there are already 100s of apps you can install covering a massive range of functionality.
    7. I find it is, but I have an ipod classic too.
    8. Not sure, the lack of any unofficial video software would indicate it isn't massively easy to do.
    9. Nope, speculation will always be rife of course.

    2008-03-17 05:17 PM
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    thanks for reply

    i have more question

    10. Also does the iphone have a soft lock facility which requires you to enter e.g. 4 digit pin every e.g. 15-20min that you set? I have this on my A phone and its probably there on the iphone, but I need to check,

    11. How well does the iphone display web sites that require either active x controls or java scripts? My A using windows mobile 5.0 has problems with some web site.

    12. Can you make skype calls on iphone>
    2008-03-17 05:33 PM
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    You don't have time to search, but you sure do have plenty of time to post the same questions everyone else does
    To live, you have to lie
    2008-03-17 06:03 PM
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    How does one view the % remaining for the battery - I cannot even tap the battery indicator to get a decent reading of how much power is left.

    Also my 16gb iphone is only showing 14.8gb after a fresh activation. Is this right?

    Finally, how does one replace the iphone battery and after how long and for how much?

    2008-03-23 04:18 PM
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    can you give me link where i could download 1.1.3 iphone software?
    2008-03-23 04:35 PM
  7. wademanuk's Avatar
    In regards to the o2 website to viewing your remaining minutes and your bill, when you activated your iPhone for the first time it will give you a username and password to use with the o2 website. This is regardless of if u bought the iPhone from carphone warehouse or not.
    2008-03-23 04:38 PM