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  1. thetonyclifton's Avatar
    I have upgraded to an iphone4 and used an itunes backup of my jailbroken and unlocked 3GS - my iphone4 still has the tiny apple logo and custom text instead of my carrier.

    Will I just have to restore to get rid of this - its not that I mind it being there - just wondering what other junk is still hanging around in the phone.
    2010-06-24 11:10 AM
  2. DJM AutoWerkz's Avatar
    If u restore and then backup from one of your previous saved backup then u will be in the same boat. U might have to restore and setup as new device.
    2010-06-24 11:12 AM
  3. thetonyclifton's Avatar
    Yes sorry that is what I meant - I will need to set up as new device and then sync (rather than from backup) - shouldnt effect my mail/contacts etc as I am on mobileme.
    2010-06-24 11:25 AM
  4. DJM AutoWerkz's Avatar
    Not sure how MobileMe works. But setting up as new device wipes out all your messages etc. I say atlease write down all your contacts and then setup as new device.
    2010-06-24 11:29 AM
  5. thetonyclifton's Avatar
    All the contacts are in my Mac Address book so I would be able to sync them on their own after a full restore.

    2010-06-24 11:34 AM
  6. laz305's Avatar
    I loved it when I saw my name instead of AT&T lol
    2010-06-24 03:08 PM