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    I thought I would post some issues with my solutions to them when I jailbroke my 3G with pwntool for those who may have similar problems.

    1) when you start pwnagetool 4.0.1 if you have a 3G like myself choose the 3GS model of the two options given.

    2) when you get to the screen that allows you to increase partition size I can't say for sure how high you can go and still be safe, but the stock setting of 756 I believe it was was too small. You need to increase the partition to at least 1026. I did 756 at first and it works but you will end up getting an iTunes error.

    3) Small step I missed in my first try was in the same menu with partition size there are a couple check boxes 1) Activate 2) update baseband 3) enable multitasking & wallpaper. Select the 3 one, but as for the first two Activate phone is checked by default. This is for NON AT&T iPhones , if your with AT&T like myself unchecked this and check the update baseband. If your with AT&T and only check activate you will be left with no signal or data connection.

    4) If it seems to run slow do a vouple of hard resets (sleep + home) should fix it. This fix is not credited to me, found this helpful tip elsewhere on this site.

    Hope this helps some, especially for those that this is their first time jailbreaking.
    2010-06-24 07:59 PM