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    So I picked up my iPhone 4 today and put on the bumper for connectivity issue and ghost armored the iPhone.

    I've since loaded my apps and have been making and surfing throughout the day. Not too much use but messing around.

    I have dropped calls and the 3G is extremely slow...so much that various sites time out.

    I then call AT&T. Spoke to the Apple rep there and they said that my iPhone is "RedBarred" and I need to restore and reactivate my phone so it can pick up the authorization. Without doing that, they technically cant offer support to an unauthorized phone. Says that it might solve all the issues with 3G and dropped calls.

    When I head over to restore my phone, there is a new update for the phone.

    The first attempt at restoring after the update downloaded, says that it couldn't restore because it was in recovery mode or needed to be in recovery mode. As I am typing this, I am trying my second restore in a row.

    Any ideas on any of this?

    I keep getting error 1004.


    I had to go back into the host file and remove the gs.apple.com

    from the file and then restore.
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