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    Hi everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read and maybe comment on this post.
    I have spent the best part of the week, since iTunes 9.2 came out; researching online how to fix a problem I have backing up my iPhone 3Gs.

    I get this error every time that I try to do a backup:

    iTunes could not back up the iPhone "iPhone´s Name" because the backup session failed.

    This is what I´m working with:

    iPhone 3Gs 32GB Model No: A1303, official carrier on ios 4.0 fresh restore from DFU mode (before I was on 3.1.3 JB with Spirit).
    iPhone 3G 8GB, official carrier on 3.1.3 JB Blackra1n.
    Sony Vaio VGN FE770G Laptop, running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit OS.
    Pentium D, Asus Motherboard desktop running Windows XP OS.

    For the past two days I have tried every single solution option available online, and nothing works. So this morning I formatted my Laptop´s HD, fresh install Windows 7, right after fresh install iTunes 9.2, fresh iPhone 3Gs with non modified ios 4, and I got the SAME ERROR!!!

    My two iPhone’s backup just fine on my coworker’s XP machine, but not in either of mine computers… this all started with iTunes 9.2.
    2010-06-25 03:23 PM
  2. wvcachi's Avatar
    You don't have the program Wifi Sync installed on your CPU, do you? May be a longshot, but I was having mysterious problems with iTunes 9.2, and I traced them to them not playing nice together. Good luck!

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    2010-06-25 03:51 PM
  3. BumbleBeez's Avatar
    I don't think iTunes 9.2 and the 3.1.3 spirit jailbreak play well together.

    But I have no idea why it's effecting you on 4.0. When the 4.0 was installed, was it restored from a 3.1.3 backup?

    What version of Itunes is your co-worker running?
    2010-06-25 04:19 PM
  4. Iphoneclueless's Avatar
    the 3Gs was running 3.1.3 but I did a fresh restore/upadate to 4.0 no backup info is on the phone... my co-worker is running 9.2 also.

    I did have Wifi Sync a while back, but I uninstalled it because it gave me problems also. The laptop has no other programs on it other than Windows 7 and Itunes 9.2.
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    2010-06-25 06:18 PM
  5. Iphoneclueless's Avatar
    I did it! The fix is soooo stupid, just change the time zone settings to any different time setting and you are done! Full backup and sync in 30 seconds!
    I can’t believe I formatted my computer for this very stupid bug.

    Hope this helps some other poor bastard like me.

    To fix the "iTunes could not back up the iPhone because the backup session failed" bug found on itunes 9.2, you have to change your computer TIME ZONE and you will be able to backup witn no problems. This little trick fixed my two computers, one with XP and the other with Windows 7.
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    2010-07-01 03:22 PM
  6. Paraguay's Avatar
    Yessss...thankssss it worked for meeee
    2010-07-01 10:03 PM
  7. Iphoneclueless's Avatar
    Paraguay you are welcome. Yo tambien vivo en Paraguay.
    2010-07-01 11:11 PM
  8. witchmd's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip. The time zone fix worked. I don't quite understand the rationale though. How come changing the time zone fixes this error?
    2010-07-20 09:18 AM
  9. perdyis's Avatar
    WOW, I cannot believe this solution worked. My 3GS hasn't been backed up in 6 months because of water damage, bought wifisync and could not get it to backup my iphone before upgrading to the iphone4. Thank you so much for this solution, would of lost so much information and tried all other avenues for the backup. Thanks again!
    2010-08-04 03:04 PM
  10. sokolshehu's Avatar
    i changed the time zone and i made the back up, but then my iphone 3G 4.1 jail broke cannot sync any more with Itunes, it shows me again " iTunes could not back up the iPhone "[B]iPhone´s Name" because the backup session failed. Reply to Thread.
    2010-12-12 02:22 PM