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    Hot to..

    This is a guide to changing the boring background wallpaper in On Winterboard/Settings iOs4

    1. make a folder on your desktop with any name (mine is Winterboard background)

    2. open the folder and make another folder inside with the name: UIImages

    3. next you have to find a wallpaper. (this is a good site for wallpapers ( (( Sciphone )) ) : The best iPhone wallpapers on the Internet. We've got it down to a science. 5100+ wallpapers and over 5 million downloads and counting... experience the best. - Home, once you have found a wallpaper save it to desktop

    4. go to your desktop and rename the image: UIPinstripe.png

    5. then open the first folder and drag the wallpaper in the UIImages folder

    6. next you need go open your SSH tool, once it is ready

    /private/var/stash/Themes/Winterboard background/UIImages/UIImages folder/UIPinstripe.png

    7. respring your Ur Device and go to winterboard, find the wallpaper and click it, then close winterboard it will respring then its done.

    This was Originally steps for Cydia Background but since im on iOs4 i cant find the way to change cydia wallpaper only Winterboard and Settings.
    2010-06-26 03:24 AM
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    So I was reading your post and I couldn't get it to work (Not your fault, I just couldn't do it for some reason). However, I did find another way to change the background on an IOS 4 /G3 iphone.

    1st. I'm sure you could us SSH but I used PhoneView 2.5.2

    PhoneView 2.5.2 software download - Mac OS X - VersionTracker

    This is a great program but you do have to pay for it. (Anyhow, I'm sure SSH would work)

    Now, go into the following file structure /var/stash/Themes/User Wallpaper.theme
    (If you use PhoneView you'll need to select 'Advanced Mode' from the Settings menu)

    In ..../User Wallpaper.theme you'll see a .jpg file that you can't open. It's called Wallpaper.jpg
    Now just take your favorite background, name it Wallpaper.jpg and replace the file currently there.

    Go back to your iphone and TADA!

    (Just so you know there is also a Saurik.theme folder and some png pictures in there. I think if you replaced these files with similarly named items you can get that rotating background you've always wanted too but I haven't tried this yet).

    Hope this helps someone!

    So The 3G can't handle anything but a black background eh?? Jobs is constantly underestimating all of us. GO TEAM!!
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    2010-07-14 11:46 PM