1. SteezNasty's Avatar
    I'm not real savvy with the jailbreaks, iPhone rules, etc (everything related)...

    I just was reading a post and wanted to see what my version was so I restored it...

    can I not get any apps or pictures back? I had it backed up before I did it, but does that stuff not come back?
    2010-06-26 12:39 PM
  2. xYurjevich's Avatar
    It should ask you if you wanted to restore from a backup or something like that.
    2010-06-26 02:50 PM
  3. SteezNasty's Avatar
    first it restored me to factory settings, then i tried to restore it to a few days ago's back up so i have contacts and old texts but no pics, apps, etc
    2010-06-26 09:26 PM