1. OngL's Avatar
    As with many other users, I have more apps than what can be displayed in iPad or iPhone. I recently discovered (and reproduced in iPhone 3G running 3.1.3 and iPad running 3.2 both JB-ed), that any built-in application (weather, compass, notes, messages, Cydia, etc) if it has been positioned on page 12 or beyond, it'll be gone by the next sync. What I mean by gone/missing, you won't see the icons again iTunes, so can't re-arrange them back to the first 11 pages. The application itself still can be access through spotlight.

    I found out that I can fix this by edition com.apple.springboard.plist and add the missing application's entry into it. The problem is how do I get a list of what these applications are called?
    For example: Safari is called com.apple.mobilesafari, Soundhound is called com.melodis.Midomi. I need to get these entries for missing icons such as Cydia, SBOrganizer, SBSchedule, Backgrounder, Cydia, etc.

    How do I found this and if anyone has encountered this bug before?
    2010-06-27 05:19 AM
  2. iTouchNinjaz's Avatar
    You can find the apps by searching for them in SpotLight.
    2010-06-27 06:57 AM
  3. OngL's Avatar
    I guess you didn't understand my question. I know that I can search the app using spotlight, as stated in the first post. I want to recreate the icon so that I appear back in springboard.
    2010-06-27 09:02 AM