1. RCizzle65's Avatar
    Yeah I've looked around and see I can do it on a jailbroken phone (http://modmyi.com/forums/apple-appst...ved-games.html), but I have the new iPhone 4, and it's missing Facetime, visual voicemail, and the internet hasn't been working on the phone. So I just want to restore my phone as new since I'm sure some of my phone's settings aren't right due to tinkering with random installs from cydia. But I don't want to lose my text messages and app data from games and stuff, so is there a way I can set up a new phone but still keep the other stuff?
    2010-06-27 10:15 PM
  2. babyblue_pimp's Avatar
    not without a jailbreak
    The only thing I ask in return for helping, is that you click the thanks button, Thanks!
    2010-06-27 10:36 PM
  3. RCizzle65's Avatar
    Damn, well I guess I can wait on a jailbreak, I just fixed my phone's internet because something is wrong with my APN settings (used that unlocko site or whatever), but my visual voicemail is still messed up, and of course I still don't have facetime. Will that link I posted work with everything I need, text messages, contacts, and app data?
    2010-06-27 10:41 PM