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    Hello all,

    Just about this time last summer I bought my unlocked iPhone 3G 3.0 firmware from eBay. Just a few hours ago I noticed that it would not turn on.. It didn't respond to charging or reset (hold both buttons 10 sec). When I plugged it into my PC (Vista OS), it told me that: "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes."

    MUST I restore as the message says? I have no clue how to handle this and am hesitant to click restore in iTunes, hoping to find a way to keep all my stuff on my phone. Having bought it unlocked, I'm not sure what it was unlocked with but I had Cydia (for which I always got an error message when opening it saying that Cydia itself did not know what version it was running) and Icy. I had been meaning to re-unlock/jailbreak the phone so I could actually use it to a fuller potential .. I guess that day has come. Thanks for reading and assistance in advance!!
    2010-06-27 10:22 PM
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    Look into iRecovery

    Its a tool to get phones out of recovery mode.

    But worst case, you'll have to restore, and rejailbreak and unlock (which isn't that hard, just follow easy directions, which can be found on the main page)
    The only thing I ask in return for helping, is that you click the thanks button, Thanks!
    2010-06-27 10:34 PM
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    thanks for your response!
    I'm just about ready to redo the entire process, but am curious as to what has been going on with my phone these past few days. So since posting my problem, I've learned that my phone only turns on with a hard reset after plugging it into the comp. However, shortly thereafter (not sure on specific time could be a few hours?) it goes back to non-responsiveness. This has happened 3 times now including the instance prompting my first post. I think it could be a battery issue but am not sure as to why a wall charge wouldn't do the job .. I'm afraid I may need a new phone much sooner than anticipated

    also, is there any benefit to upgrading my firmware to 4.0 before jailbreak/unlock?
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    2010-07-01 05:14 PM
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    So .. since this past Sunday, my phone goes into restore mode very frequently - usually as soon as 10 min after having revived it from restore mode, but once as late as an hour. The first couple hours/attempts at hard reset usually do not work, but sometime it will after a long duration of giving up. But it always comes back to life after USB connection to computer (with all my music, etc. on it). Perhaps, its a hardware problem triggering it? When plugged into USB its very sensitive as to holding a charge (comp. sounds change in USB activity).
    2010-07-02 09:54 PM
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    Keeping the iPhone playing music (or any sort of activity on the phone) delays the inevitable coma which I have determined to be independent of battery life (battery display always shows level which it was prior to coma). Do you think all this will go away after restore?
    2010-07-04 05:34 PM