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    I know the basic 10 ways... and also the one post someone made about removing certain .plist files which actually helps a little bit, but other than the basic ways and that, is there any other methods or modifications that can be made to your iphone/ipod that can be done to save battery? Thanks for any helpful replies...

    1. Turn on Auto-Brightness

    2. Reduce Screen Brightness

    3. Turn Bluetooth Off

    4. Turn Off 3G

    5. Keep WiFi Off

    6. Turn Off Location Services

    7. Turn Data Push Off

    8. Fetch Email Less Often

    9. Auto-Lock Sooner

    10. Do Less-Battery-Intensive Things

    11. Sleep and Wake Less

    12. Buy an Extended Life Battery (note: i was going to get the fuel lite from case-mate, but the button on the back i read is an issue for it is easy pressed on accident since it's on the back of the case and not a slide it's a button you click in and it's not cratered into the phone as it should be... so until they update that i won't be purchasing one, unless someone has a better idea for a charger case, then let me know...)

    13. Delete certain .plist files...

    Any other methods or modifications ? Thanks.
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    Turn off location services, but I think that's been fixed in iOS4, I've left it on and it didn't drain while the phone was on standby like it did before
    2010-06-28 02:04 AM
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    That's one of the basics i was referring to, thanks though. I will list the ones i know about.

    I was thinking apparently from what i've read when apple updates the software for your ipod/iphone they make changes and what not that increases the battery life sometimes would it be possible for someone to edit or modify a ispw (however its spelt) file and make some changes or am i just not knowledgeable of what i'm speaking of.
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