1. asma123's Avatar
    So this problem has bothered me for a while now. I remember the good ol days with the iPhone 1st gen How no one had implemented mobile browser for iPhone yet.

    So now everytime I go to my homepage(google), it's ALWAYS default as mobile (instead of classic). When I wanna visit great sites as this it goes to mobile version. Possible to just have the normal version you can see on your pc?
    2010-06-29 11:20 AM
  2. bhz1's Avatar
    As long as you have a jailbroken device, you can install User Agent Faker in Cydia. Then set up a toggle for it in SBSetings. If you turn it on, you can view full websites.
    2010-06-29 01:22 PM
  3. asma123's Avatar
    ah thanks.. MUCH BETTER. 4.0 3gs jb. nothing better than that. since 4G seems to have so many problems.
    2010-06-29 07:57 PM