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  1. tony1428's Avatar
    Hi I have jailbreaked my 3G on iOS4. The problem I have got is I can't get my mail to work. On version 3.1.2 there was a section under network where you could enter wap info etc. On OS4 there's just toggle switches to turn on/off cellular data, 3G etc.

    Can anyone help?
    2010-06-30 02:52 PM
  2. -xYiEnCe-'s Avatar
    there's alot of problem if you upgrade your iphone 3g/3gs to iOS4. like the one you have esp. when you open emails it really tooks alot of time before you can open it.. and the worse i guess it slows down your iphone.. maybe because the iOS4 is design only for iphone 4g. not for the older iphone that we have..meaning it's not compatible as of now..i hope they can found a solution for this.. i suggest we better stick to the older versions,as of now,or better still to buy a new iphone 4g. ^_^credits to the dev-team for all their efforts on helping us.. Godspeed
    2010-06-30 05:10 PM