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    Hey everyone, so after two days of playing with the 4th gen...i missed cydia, sbs...bosspreffs and other amazing open source apps. But since my old sim card from my 3g was no longer working, i came up with a very simple, 5 minute solution to put the mini sim card in the 3g sim slot. I got my first youtube video here... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR2xwSV_PnU]YouTube - How to use mini sim card from Iphone 4 on your 3G, 3GS iphone[/ame]

    Anyway, all it is, is lining up the gold plated part, and using tape to hold in place the mini sim card...even though my 3g with the original 3.0 firmware is waaay slower than iphone 4...i will still use it until someone comes out with jailbreak for the 4th gen.

    ...oh and with this mini sim card, i have worse reception with my 3g than with the original stardard sim i had before...as soon as i try to make a call, or browse safari, my bars just drop down to 2-3...as soon as i'm done, the jump back up to full...weird!
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    2010-06-30 09:23 PM
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    They also make mini sim adapters, this is a good, quick, inexpensive way though.
    Have they released the jailbreak in the app store yet?
    2010-06-30 11:10 PM
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    Lol. Dude, all you had to do was call AT&T and give them the numbers on the old sim card and have them port the number back to that one. I've done it. It takes them a matter of minutes...

    As long as a sim isn't pin locked it'll work.
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    well i guess porting the number doesn't work for me, because i use internet on my netbook through pdanet on my 3g phone, but i still like the crisp clear screen on the 4...so i can switch from 3g to 4 whenever i want without calling them...i guess more or less i did this thing for myself, and just shared the info for anyone that was interested.
    2010-07-01 04:06 PM
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    Right on. I can most def relate to the switching deal. Just amazing what you guys can pull off. #1 tape mod I've seen. Awesome
    2010-07-02 02:51 AM