1. SilentEcho13's Avatar
    I've had my iPhone 4 since the 23rd, but a few days ago I started having a problem which seems to be fairly common, but I can't seem to find a solution.

    When I receive a call, my ringtone does not play but the phone vibrates as normal. In addition, The "Slide To Unlock" screen freezes and I'm unable to answer the call and eventually the caller hangs up/gets sent to voicemail. This is happening for 90% of the calls I get, pretty frustrating.

    Occasionally, I'm able to answer a call if I repeatedly slide the slider across the screen, and it will eventually answer. This is good, but what's the use if I can't even hear my phone ring?

    I've tried powering the phone off/on and a soft reset, but neither really helped.

    Anyone have a solution?
    2010-07-01 10:07 AM
  2. owais123's Avatar
    used to happen to my 3g. i just restored and everything was good
    2010-07-01 10:16 AM
  3. SilentEcho13's Avatar
    When I got it, I restored from a backup. Should I try doing that over, or anyone know of another solution?
    2010-07-01 10:20 AM
  4. equlizer's Avatar
    Been happening with my 3gs since i upgraded/jailbroke to 4.0
    2010-07-01 02:46 PM
  5. area51crypto's Avatar
    Put into recovery mode and restore!
    2010-07-01 06:11 PM
  6. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Restore and set up as new in iTunes.
    2010-07-01 06:23 PM
  7. SilentEcho13's Avatar
    I don't want to lose all my texts and all that :/

    Think a restore and a restore from backup might work?
    2010-07-01 08:26 PM
  8. ianbroste's Avatar
    I don't want to lose all my texts and all that :/

    Think a restore and a restore from backup might work?
    You really should set up as new phone, your phone will continue to have bugs if you don't.
    Have they released the jailbreak in the app store yet?
    2010-07-01 10:24 PM
  9. SilentEcho13's Avatar
    I didn't want to lose texts and all, I have some that I can't afford to delete :/
    2010-07-01 11:06 PM
  10. me_danish's Avatar
    Send your texts to Treasuremytext - Save and backup favorite SMS text messages from your phone and save them that way, then restore the phone in iTunes and setup as a new phone. *REMEMBER* Sync your contacts with outlook or windows address book, also save your pictures and notes.
    2010-07-01 11:40 PM