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    Ever since I updated to iOS4 last night with snowbreze 1.6.1 on my 16gig 3GS with 04.26.08 modem firmware still (upgraded from 3.1.2 jailbroke/unlocked) while in a call my screen wont turn back on when I take the phone away from my ear so I Can't do anything while I'm on hold or want to multi-task while talking. Even after the call is over my screen will not turn back on without hitting the lock button 4-8 times then it freezes at lockscreen and I have to hit it again to wake it up. Is this a common issue or is mine just f-ed up? I googled but couldn't find anything. So far this is my only complaint and apples multitasking. I hope backgrounder will replace apples multitasking, the implementation sucks with sbsettings lol thanks yall
    2010-07-02 02:56 AM