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    Been hunting high and low for answers, tried a million of them, and so far no luck.
    Finally decided to post my own thread in an attempt to spark some discussion.

    I have a used 3G. a friend found it, it had a cracked lcd, I fixed it, and jailbroke it with Pwnage Tool. It was running 3.1.3 with a 5.12 baseband, so unlocking it was not an option at the time. So, for about a week, everything was fine- I had this nifty little wi-fi toy, and I was happy. I could download a few apps from the store, browse the web, use Skype over wifi... whatever.

    Then, after the first week, things went screwy. About the time it screwed up, I MAY have tried installing all the updates offered by Cydia, but that may just be a coincidence. Anyway, it started boot looping. Sometimes it would fade from the Pwnapple to a white screen, and sometimes it would just sit for a while and then reboot again. And again. And again.

    Eventually, it would get to the unlock screen, but be FROZEN. Sometimes, completely randomly, it would allow me to unlock and get to the home screen, only to have it eventually reboot and freeze. When I DID manage to get to the home screen and the phone actually responded, trying to put it to sleep with the sleep button would just make it shut down completely. OR go to an unlit, frozen and unresponsive screen. Whether I was running jailbroken or official firmware seems to have no effect on this whatsoever. BOTH loop.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both factory AND pwned firmware so many times I have lost count, and my wife wants to stab me. I can ALWAYS get it to reinstall, but inevitably it takes FOREVER and just completely random chance for the phone to boot completely and allow a fresh setup from scratch (ie 'as a new iphone')

    Upgraded to iOS4, and it actually finally DID come alive on two completely separate occasions- long enough to do a full jailbreak with the latest pwnage tool, and got to the VERY LAST STEP of the new Redsn0w unlock and it froze, and has been looping ever since. The fact that it successfully booted long enough to even try the unlock was just completely random chance.

    I know there are A LOT of people out there with boot-loop issues, but I thought to post my own thread and details because I really haven't found anyone who has described QUITE the same problem I mention here. ANY help anyone can provide would be SO APPRECIATED it is not even FUNNY. I'm going nuts here...
    2010-07-02 09:39 AM
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    I have 3g and my phone started doing things similar to what you've described.It goes from from the lockscreen(which is frozen) to reboot and back to lockscreen. I can get it to restore but lockscreen is still froze up and it tries to sync contacts then goes back into reboot. This just started today when I plugged it into charge. If you find a solution let me know and I'll keep looking and let you know if I find anything.Thanks
    *Update* Gave up on it and went to bed. When I got up this morning phone was working like a new one! I don't understand why this phone does the things it does but for now mine is working. Hope you get yours going!
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