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    When I first updated to os 4, I restored to my usual backup profile like I have been doing since before os 3. Only this time, I had no MMS function and no Internet/data function. I couldn't send mms, surf the web, use the app store, or even use email. I didn't even have the option for mms in settings. Called apple, and they said restore and setup as new iPhone. That worked.

    So now I have all my data working again but of course I lose all my camera roll pics and SMS messages. So I downgraded back to 3.1.3, restored back to my regular profile with all my SMS and pics. Then I used iPhone browser to back up my SMS and camera roll pics.

    Then I went back to os 4 using snowbreeze this time and setup as new iPhone again. After that, I used iPhone browser to restore all my old SMS/mms messages and all my pics. Everything was fine. I could see all my SMS in the list and all my thumbnails in camera roll. So I thought I was good.

    The issue is when I restore my old SMS and SMS database file, I lose the ability to send mms. I can only forward ones I have received and I can receive them. But I cannot send new ones that I create. So I restore back to the new profile SMS files and it now works fine. But I lost all my funny mms. Anyone have a solution?
    2010-07-02 02:51 PM
  2. RCizzle65's Avatar
    2010-07-03 03:16 AM
  3. jkmonkey's Avatar
    when restoring your SMS the only file you need to transfer over is the SMS.db file. Don't transfer the other files and folders in the SMS folder, that's what is breaking you MMS.
    2010-07-03 05:47 PM