1. turbotec's Avatar
    I have a 3G. I am on the fence about installing iOS 4.0 on my everyday phone. I've already done so on a 3G I never use, and have seen some compatability issues with some cydia apps. Anyways are you waiting to install iOS 4 and if so why??

    I dont know if I can go without WeatherIcon for to long.

    so far speed has not been an issue for me on my 3G. Disabled the multitasking and backgrounder.
    2010-07-03 07:14 AM
  2. dhamien's Avatar
    3GS old bootrom user. Waiting because there's not all that much to gain from 4.0 and some of the cydia apps I use aren't compatible with iOS4 yet.

    Laziness also plays a part. My phone is set up just the way I like it so I don't really feel like doing anything to it.

    I also plan on buy an iPhone 4 so I'll probably hold off doing anything to my 3GS until then.
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    2010-07-03 07:43 PM
  3. Tylus's Avatar
    wish I had waited. took me almost 3 hours to get my data fixed, and then 3 days to get the phone to a point where it wouldn't crash into Safe Mode.


    the OS 4 compatability is horrible with easily 1/2 of the Apps in Cydia right now. Hell, the crap in iTunes is having issues. Apple pushed this OS out before it was ready.
    iPhone 4G 32 GB (2 of them)
    OS 5.0.1
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    2010-07-03 08:32 PM
  4. ihaterich's Avatar
    I got an Iphone 3GS 3.1.2 JB'd with blackra1n, old bootrom, and with SHSH blobs on file.

    I'm waiting to upgrade, because I don't think it will be worth the headache, should something go wrong. My phone is set up just how I like it right now and never has any problems. I try to live by the "if it's not broken don't fix it" mantra. The new features of ios 4.0 are nice, but not important to me. I don't need multitasking, or iboooks, etc. Apparently alot of Cydia apps have compatibility issues right now as well, and I don't wanna deal with that.

    Plus, although I've downgraded my phone before with blobs, there's always a chance it won't work again for some unknown reason. I see threads about this situation every now and then, and it makes me a bit reluctant to do much experimenting. I don't wanna get stuck with an unstable phone, or worse no JB.
    2010-07-05 06:53 AM