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  1. type's Avatar
    Does anyone know if there's a way to transfer files from iphone to iphone without bluetooth and without a wireless network available?

    and of course without a computer available as well...
    2010-07-04 02:54 AM
  2. dito0020's Avatar
    damn....what are you trying to do? why?
    2010-07-04 03:50 AM
  3. akward silence's Avatar
    Transfer files from where?

    If you have no computer available, where are the files coming from?
    2010-07-04 04:04 AM
  4. type's Avatar
    The files are coming from another iphone, I need to transfer them to my iphone... oh the files are about 2 gigs so over bluetooth that would take days.
    2010-07-04 06:14 AM
  5. type's Avatar
    This is how I was able to transfer files from one iphone to another without a wireless network/computer available. I was googling for hours and found nothing on it. I needed to use wireless because bluetooth was way too slow to transfer a 1.5gig file.

    Items you'll need on iphone server(where files are stored)

    Items you'll need on iphone client (where you want to transfer files too)
    Safari Download Manager

    On Server Phone:
    To start off install MyWi on server phone, I left any settings default. You may need to turn off the autolock as well. Turn on WiFi tethering. Then go into Settings/Wi-Fi networks and connect to the Wi-Fi network you just created with MyWi. Now install Ifile. Go into Ifile and start the Web Server(hit the icon that looks like the wifi symbol, 2nd one over) Now leave this phone alone.

    On Client Phone:
    Go into Settings/Wi-Fi networks and connect to the Wi-Fi network created from My Wi.
    Install Safari Download Manager, now go into settings safari downloader and make sure the File-type you're grabbing off the other phone is under the File Types list. Now go into Safari and go to the (mine was default address listed on the Server phone's Web Server page in Ifile. You should be able to browse to the file you want click on it and hit download. After downloading you can move it where-ever you need with Ifile.

    Hope this helps someone else if you need to transfer iphone to iphone without bluetooth.
    2010-07-05 09:01 PM
  6. ct0wn's Avatar
    When you say "without a wireless network available" do you mean no Wi-Fi or no cell service at all?

    Have you thought about using an app like Dropbox?
    2010-07-05 10:37 PM
  7. type's Avatar
    Well I meant no wi-fi network available, and without going over cell service since that would take a while even with 3g at it's best. But thanks for the suggestion, it could be useful.
    2010-07-06 04:17 AM
  8. WickedKP's Avatar
    I know by bluetooth would be iBlueNova
    But your phone has to be jailbroken
    I downloaded the trial ver,
    but never got it to work with my window computer.
    Wifi has to be the way.
    Bluetooth way to slow.
    3g even slower
    iphone has no infrared.
    and you want to transfer 2gb or more
    Yea Ct0wn is right Dropbox..
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    2010-07-06 05:30 AM