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    A co-worker of mine is selling her white 3Gs 32gb iPhone. The last time I saw it, there was obvious wear on the back housing - the apple was about worn off. Also, the back housing is cracked near the top of the phone, around the SIM tray area. To the best of my knowledge, the phone works just fine but is not JB

    I've seen eBay ads for 3Gs 32gb iPhones in the $300 range for phones in supposedly excellent shape, which the one my co-worker has is obviously not. What kind of offer should I make on the phone, if at all?

    Thanks in advance for your opinions. Oh, and since someone will ask - Yes, she's hot. LOL
    2010-07-07 07:48 AM
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    It doesn't matter what she looks like. She has an abused phone. I would offer her 200 dollars depending on what firmware is on the phone, what iboot it has. If it is on 4.0 you will not be able to jailbreak it. If she restores it to factory settings from within the Settings app you will also be stuck with 4.0.
    2010-07-07 02:35 PM
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    It doesn't matter what she looks like...
    What kind of nonsensical talk is that?
    2010-07-07 03:49 PM
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    What kind of nonsensical talk is that?
    Because your 'small' brain will make you pay more for the phone than it's worth because she's hot?
    2010-07-07 03:54 PM
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    Because your 'small' brain will make you pay more for the phone than it's worth because she's hot?
    True enough. Happens more often than not with me
    2010-07-07 03:58 PM
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    It's a conspiracy I tell you!
    2010-07-07 04:04 PM
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    If the back is scuffed up and the apple logo is completely worn off like you said, considering the stated condition I would offer her 150-175 Especially when you can go get you a Brand new iPhone 4 16gb for 199 (assuming you or she has a full upgrade available). I just think its dumb to pay too much for a previous model in lack luster condition UNLESS you are desperate and really need a phone regardless.

    But in the end, any offer you make her should be based on A) the model/installed firmware/data size and B) THE MOST IMPORTANT, the overall condition of the phone, which in the end actually sets the price. If the screen is scratched to hell along with the bezel and backing then that's really going to eat at the price she'll get for the phone. If its in bad shape like you noted, I wouldn't be surprised that she has dropped her phone several times as well which could cause problems with the internal circuits and possibly put your phone one slip out of the hand away from being a paper weight. If you see her and get to look at the phone one more time, look at it very carefully (in a well lit area of course so you can see the scratch's on the phone and screen) and shake it a bit next to your ear to see if there is any rattling inside which should tell you if its been dropped AND THEN make an educated offer.

    Everyone has their price they are willing to pay for the things they want in life.
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    2010-07-07 05:44 PM
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    If the screen is scratchless and the phone functions fine, I think $275 is fair if there is just scratches. My 3G has obvious signs of regular use but the screen is flawless (always had screen protector) and it runs great. I think just cuz the back is a little messed up like mine doesnt mean its not still an iPhone right? But you know if it has dents and cracks then ew. I only have scratches.

    I would say 32GB with that kind of wear and tear if there are dents or cracks, $230 is a reasonable price. Just cuz its a 32GB.
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    2010-07-07 06:04 PM
  9. ianbroste's Avatar
    If there isn't any damage like it has been dropped and still works fine. I would ask how long she has had it if within one year, talk her down on price then take it into apple and get a new one since the case is cracked and its a common problem with the white phones they should replace it.
    Have they released the jailbreak in the app store yet?
    2010-07-07 08:54 PM
  10. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    *Checks his case* I have two, but this phone will never be sent back to apple. They will send me back one that is less functional.
    2010-07-07 09:01 PM
  11. ianbroste's Avatar
    I've heard good things about refurb iPhones. They are tested and I've read they all get new batteries. He would get one with a new case too which seems to be the main thing wrong with it.
    Have they released the jailbreak in the app store yet?
    2010-07-07 09:14 PM