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    Hi there,

    I have a 3.1.3 jailbroken iPhone what was working 100%
    but the yesterday i pushed the off/lock screen button and it shut off like normaly. about 20mins later i go my iPhone back out and pushed the home buttom and the screen didnt turn on.. So i pushed the off buttom and still a black screen.. So i was like mmm must have died use it only had like 18% battery left..

    Later on that nite i got home and plug it to that wall charger and left it for 5mins and still the iPhone is not turning on 0.0

    But when i put the iPhone in to my laptop and open itunes it comes. I can copy app, music, backup and restore the iPhone the battery shows it is charging BUT only goes to like the 1/4 mark then stops as it was a full battery.. Also there is STILL no screen working while it is connected to the latop?? Does anyone know what i can do to fix this or knows anyone who can help or has had the same error im getting.

    Its spinning me out hard cuse it was all working fine, also the glass over the screen is still brand new with no marks.. So it tells me i didnt smash the screen

    The iPhone is also ringing as it it was on.. But i can't hear it ring or see anythink on the screen

    -- This mite help
    Apps installed and jailbroken with

    * Jailborken with - Spirit

    * Winterbord - Viva or Vivi theme from cydia
    * Ultrasn0w - to unlock celluar network
    * **********
    * Fake carrier name

    I fixed my problem

    If you eva incounter this error

    Hold your Off/on n home buttom for 10 or more sec.. it will boot your iPhone off
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