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    It's been said before, but here's a quick cap of how to get Google Voice over VoIP on an iOS 4 device (no jailbreak required):

    - Get a Google Voice account

    - Get a Gizmo5 account. They don't issue new ones anymore, but there are legit accts being sold on eBay for reasonable prices. I got one for $7, and the account info was sent instantly (automated). Just look at the seller's ratings first.

    - Go to Google Voice website, and set your Gizmo5 number as one of your forwarding numbers. You'll have to receive a call via Gizmo5 to confirm this with Google.

    - Download either fring or Nimbuzz. I think Nimbuzz sounds better, but it doesn't display incoming caller ID (fring does). Feel free to experiment.

    Add your Gizmo5 account as SIP provider:

    For Nimbuzz, under 'Settings'>'VoIP Provider'>'SIP'

    For fring, under 'More'>'Add-ons'>'SIP'

    - Go to the Google Voice mobile website on your iPhone, hit 'Older Version' at the bottom, and then add that as a shortcut on your iPhone's home screen (by hitting the + in Safari while on the page)

    (if you don't go to the 'Older Version,' Google Voice will use your cell minutes to dial into Nimbuzz or fring...it's only a few seconds, but if you're switching to AT&T's lowest plan, you'll want to really conserve those non-VoIP minutes)

    - As long as you enable Push notifications in Nimbuzz or fring, you'll receive incoming GV calls while the app is backgrounded.

    - For outgoing calls, open the Google Voice Safari shortcut, enter the # to call, and it will call into your Nimbuzz or fring app. No need to purchase any outgoing call plans with Gizmo5 when you do it this way.

    So, other than whatever you pay to get a Gizmo5 account, it's 100% free VoIP--incoming and outbound!!!

    ADVANCED (optional):

    With a little more effort, you can use a service called SIP Sorcery to let you call directly out of Nimbuzz or fring with your Google Voice number (bypassing the Google Voice web site).

    - Do everything above except the part with the GV web shortcut. Instead, navigate to sipsorcery.com. Enter 'portal,' follow the link to download Silverlight, and then login to the portal.

    At this point, follow this tutorial on linking your Google Voice/Gizmo5 to SIP Sorcery:


    (for the dial plan, don't enter the first 'Minimal Dial Plan' he shows, instead enter the 'Advanced Dial Plan' he shows at the end)

    - Then, in Nimbuzz or fring, instead of entering your Gizmo5 SIP info, enter your new sipsorcery info as a generic SIP provider.
    Username: [sipsorcery username]
    Password: [sipsorcery password]
    Domain and/or Proxy: sipsorcery.com

    Test it out, and you should not only be receiving incoming GV calls, but making outgoing Google Voice calls directly from the Nimbuzz/fring dialpad (and your GV # will show as your caller ID on the receiving end). And, like the rest, it's free.


    If something isn't working, re-read the sipsorcery tutorial from the linked page, and make sure you got everything the same.

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    It doesnt make the phone calls on 3G or WiFi, when trying to call OUT using the 'old version'.

    For some reason, it works perfect when I'm on my computer and dialing on the GV website, it calls my Fring fine.
    2010-07-09 04:26 PM
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    Hmm, that's weird. The 'old version' dials VoIP to my fring when on my iPhone.

    After going to the 'Old version,' hit 'Desktop version' on the bottom of that page in Safari and it should definitely make a VoIP call to your fring that way.

    I'm browsing the mobile version of modmyi, and can't see what device/firmware you're using. Maybe that would make a difference?

    Or, for that matter, I can't see what area you live in. Maybe it's something that's been locally blocked?

    Or maybe fring was down (their servers were overwhelmed on/off since app update)?

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    I'll try the desktop version. I am running an i4, as stated in my device info (so it'll be a 4.0 OS).

    I'll give it another go. I'm always on my computer anyways, so that call from pc GV to Fring definitely works anyways! :-)
    2010-07-09 07:24 PM
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    It just happened to me, and I traced it to fring's servers being clogged. My fring app was showing me as being signed in, but it really wasn't.

    Let's hope they upgrade their servers soon, or their app won't be very reliable.

    You'd think they would have known that the first 3G video calling app would get absolutely swamped.
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    It worked now. I did the "desktop version" and it worked flawlessly on 3G. Thanks!
    2010-07-09 11:25 PM
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    It worked now. I did the "desktop version" and it worked flawlessly on 3G. Thanks!

    Might be worth giving mobile 'Older version' another shot too, in case it was just fring acting up earlier. It probably loads a little quicker than 'Desktop version' if you do get it to work.

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