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    Hey Guys, well I've Been having problems with my multitouch on games since I got my 3gs, for example, in rock band I cannot Multitap and hold at the same time a long streak because it would have a 1 second delay in it's response, and that happens in every alike game, I tried rebooting , reseting, restoring, changing firmwares, shouting at it, NOTHING would help, and that problem wasn't only in those games but in everything: piano, street fighter, etc. Sooo FINALYYY found out how to fix it, aparently there is a conflict caused by the ZOOM option under the phone settings (the one that you double tap with 3 fingers to zoom). If you have it enabled the multitouch doesent work right, with it disabled you can input up to 5 taps at the same times I think and the tap and hold works perfect. Took me 4 months to figure that out. THANKS GOD!!! well hope this helps it had me so angry!!!!! Cheers
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