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    I've recently downgraded from OS4 to re-jailbreak my phone using spirit at 3.1.3. All this went well and have my phone in a state of what I once had before I stupidly went to OS4. Please note this is the second time i've JB'd and was working the way I wanted it the first time using the same method of disabling.

    My problem now is that the method i use to disable backgrounding before I close the app is actually quitting the app before I do it myself.


    I'll enter Photo Roll to look at a couple of vids or pics with mates and SHAKE it to disable backgrounding so when I close it after I'm done it won't run in the background. For some reason the app quits when I do this so I'll have to go back into Photo Roll. Usually when I shake it the sign saying backgrounding disabled will pop up and ill still be in the app.

    Was wondering if anyone has had this problem before?
    2010-07-09 09:30 AM