1. Oscar's Avatar
    Hi, not posted for a while.

    I wondered if anyone else was having the same problem as me with there iPhone 4.
    I was hoping someone out there had a solution.

    This is what happens, 3G isnít widely available everywhere I go so to conserve battery I turn 3G off. By doing this my iphone for no apparent reason disconnects from the mobile network.

    Over a period of time the signal strength drops from 5 bars to nothing. The phone begins to search the network without success then I get no service if I toggle aeroplane mode on and off the phone searches for a network with no success, again I get no service. If I then toggle 3G on, the phone finds the mobile network instantly and I get 5 bars.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem.

    Iíve tried restoring serval time and resetting the network setting with no success.

    I must point out this happens in serval locations.

    By the way Iím in the UK on O2.

    2010-07-11 01:10 PM
  2. kevinfly's Avatar
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    2010-07-11 07:19 PM