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  1. Nickaroni22's Avatar
    Ive had some strange things happen today, I was texting on my iPhone 3gs (3.1.2 jailbroken with BlackRa1n) around 12 noon today, I recieved a message on my iPhone saying a restore is needed through iTunes, and at that very time I couldnt make or recieve calls. So I've worked on this thing all day, did a complete restore and had to upgrade to ios 4. Same thing pops up on the screen, restored needed. So I connect to iTunes. This is where it gets interesting....Its says and I quote. There is a problem with your iPhone, We're sorry, the iPhone you connected is not recognized and cannot be activated for service. We recommend you visit your nearest Apple Store for more information.
    Does anyone out there have any clue why this may have happened!!!
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    2010-07-14 04:37 AM
  2. Texas Tech's Avatar
    why is the att logo on itunes
    2010-07-14 05:15 AM
  3. Nickaroni22's Avatar
    No clue that's what comes up everytime I connect my iPhone.
    2010-07-14 05:16 AM
  4. babyblue_pimp's Avatar
    holy crap! thats kind of scary

    can you restore in recovery or dfu mode?
    The only thing I ask in return for helping, is that you click the thanks button, Thanks!
    2010-07-14 05:18 AM
  5. Nickaroni22's Avatar
    I have restored, this is what happens afterwards. I've never had a problem with this iPhone or the jailbreak today. I have no idea how this happened.
    2010-07-14 05:20 AM
  6. babyblue_pimp's Avatar
    Do you have your shsh blobs saved? can you restore to 3.1.2 and use hacktivation?

    If the phone is wiped, there shouldn't be any history of the phone being jailbroken, there is a possibility something just went wrong with the phone ? I'd give them a call or something, cuz thats super strange.
    The only thing I ask in return for helping, is that you click the thanks button, Thanks!
    2010-07-14 05:25 AM
  7. Nickaroni22's Avatar
    I'm at 4.0 right now, I don't believe there's any going back.
    I'm not sure what could have happened. I've never had any problems ever, I just received a notification on my iPhone that a restore was needed, while I was texting. Then I had no service.
    2010-07-14 05:31 AM
  8. kmmxracer's Avatar
    This same exact thing happened to my iPhone 2G like 2 weeks ago. I'm pretty sure its a hardware issue. I mean I'm no expert but, my 2G was old and beat up so I never took it into apple, but who knows? Let us know if you solve the issue.
    2010-07-14 05:40 AM
  9. PWNsyst3m's Avatar
    Wow very strange. Maybe apple has lauched a "War On Jailbreak" campaign. Soon we will be called terrorist. lol
    2010-07-14 05:43 AM
  10. Nickaroni22's Avatar
    That's the thing, my 3GS was in prefect shape not a scratch on the thing, never dropped it. Hardware was what I was thinking as well. Two days ago the guy in the AT&T store was preaching at me that Apple and the FCC are going to start sweeps to find jailbroken phones. That's the first thing I thought. But who knows.
    2010-07-14 05:44 AM
  11. kmmxracer's Avatar
    Well since you did a fresh restore, you might as well take it in to see Apple has to say about it. Unless it's still under warranty and this is a jailbreak sweep(doubt it) but if not it can't hurt to see what they say.
    2010-07-14 05:50 AM
  12. PWNsyst3m's Avatar
    I do remember a post that was mentioning something exactly like this. That apples server or at&ts (i forgot) would push info from your phone every so often and if a jailbreak was detected it would pop up a message just like the one that was sent to you. But that was suppose to just be in ios4. Musclenerd did infact say that it was just a rumor and that it would never happen. I guess well find out. *crosses finger*
    2010-07-14 05:54 AM
  13. Os7.1.0's Avatar
    It's kind of scarry strange thing from apple and at&t, i believe they r into something!!!!!
    2010-07-14 05:57 AM
  14. Nickaroni22's Avatar
    I'm gonna try taking it to a Apple Store. I almost think it's a failure in the wifi, gps, or cellular.
    2010-07-14 05:59 AM
  15. lunercrab's Avatar
    I just read this article. Seems similar to ur issue. Ugh I really thought about trying AT&T but maybe I'll stick with tmo

    Report: iOS Could End iPhone Jailbreaking (Updated)
    2010-07-14 06:02 AM
  16. PWNsyst3m's Avatar
    yea thats what i was talking about
    2010-07-14 06:14 AM
  17. Mes's Avatar
    Many reasons to buy an iPhone, so many reasons not to.

    The decision is getting more difficult every day.
    2010-07-14 06:15 AM
  18. Nickaroni22's Avatar
    It's hard to say, I'm a little worried. Lucky I had my iPhone 4 laying around to use. I'm hoping there are no issues with jailbreaking 4.0. The death grip is already a big issue. I'm taking my 3GS to the Apple Store to see if there's anything they can do. The restored should have whipped out my jailbreak.
    2010-07-14 06:17 AM
  19. Piazza331's Avatar
    In case it helps ease anyones mind, this happened to me... But it was 2 years ago on my 3G. Sending a text, and the phone told me I had to restore. Dead from that point on (same message after restore).

    Replaced with no problems.

    I don't think this is a new random iTunes attack on Jailbreaks, just a rare thing that happens.
    2010-07-14 07:56 AM
  20. iphone925's Avatar
    Well I can't find the post now but I heard someone saying they were going to hit all the jailbreak like this on the Iphone now so we get forced to restore the phone I hope there is a way to bypass this
    2010-07-14 08:00 AM
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