1. dncrgrl's Avatar
    Soooo I'm not sure how to word this question apparently b/c I haven't found an answer in almost 3 weeks but is there any way to create transparent or "blank" bookmarks or icons on the iPhone 4 so that I can better see my homescreen wallpaper? (Would it be too much of Apple to allow us to stick apps in whichever slot we want since we now have their permission to use a pic in the background?) I've found a couple of so-called solutions which create black bookmarks but not transparent ones. Any help would be appreciated. Otherwise guess I'll be continuing to wait for the jailbreak :-/
    2010-07-15 09:39 PM
  2. ianbroste's Avatar
    If you want blank space just move the icons that are in the way to a new page. Or you could put them in folders and just have a couple folders with all your apps in them.
    Have they released the jailbreak in the app store yet?
    2010-07-15 10:23 PM
  3. dncrgrl's Avatar
    The problem is that some of the wallpapers are of people and various other things and I'd like my icons to reside in the bottom two rows or perhaps around an object in the middle...
    2010-07-15 11:45 PM
  4. ianbroste's Avatar
    Oh I see. Well you could just put folders in the dock. Idk just an idea. I know what you're saying though. As soon as a jailbreak comes out you'll be able to use iblank and make blank icons to put anywhere.
    Have they released the jailbreak in the app store yet?
    2010-07-16 12:08 AM