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    I purchased my iPhone 4 on release day from Best Buy and have only noticed the "Death Grip" affecting me in low signal areas (no surprise), but still is affected. I did a quick search and found these videos:

    The first video is dated Feb 13, 2010!

    [ame=]YouTube - Nexus One Signal Strength[/ame]



    [ame=]YouTube - Nexus One Prone to the Death Grip Like iPhone 4[/ame]


    My question is why is there no uproar about the Nexus one or any other phone that displays this same issue, only Apple? Especially since the Nexus One "issue" seems to pre-date the iPhone 4? I'm not defending Apple by any means, I do have the "death grip" and proximity sensor issues, I'm just curious as to why no-one is spouting off about the other phones showing the same issues. Maybe since I don't have one of the other phones, i'm not scouring their forums, but I haven't seen the Nexus one on the news or David Letterman either.
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    because its apple, and ALOT of people hate on them. Why? because they are the largest computer company, and are making record breaking profits...

    All those other companies know, apple is the biggest name in tech right now, so how do you drive traffic to your site? talk about apple. You'll have the fanboys in there talking about how apple will fix the problem, while the other fanboys talk about how much apple sucks, blah blah. Either way thats WAY more traffic than those sites usually ever see. Same goes for the TV.

    Everyone on the planet knows about the iPhone. Most everyone on the planet wants one. This can't be said about the nexus one, or any other single phone ever.
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