1. guitarfreak26's Avatar
    Hey guys few problems with my iphone 4 not sure if you can help.

    Firstly ive bought co pilot Europe, now everytime i sync with itunes its taking it off. Ive got sync new apps selected etc and it starts to sync but then goes on to the next task without finishing! then i have to keep redownloading it from the app store!

    secondly when im listening to music in the ipod occasionally it goes quieter than it should be (on full volume) but then when i get an email or a text message the music comes back to the proper volume? anyone else had this?

    2010-07-16 11:34 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    You sure you bought the app? Cuz it shouldnt do that if so. Right-click in iTunes your iPhone and select "transfer purchases", try that.

    No offense intended some people dont buy their apps and ask for help, which is a no-no here.
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    2010-07-17 07:48 AM
  3. guitarfreak26's Avatar
    100% mate, that's why I can keep downloading it from the app store.

    Everything else syncs fine, will try the purchases thing later
    2010-07-17 11:51 AM
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