1. Mobster103's Avatar
    I know there's an app to share 3g connection to a laptop, but what about a wifi connection? My laptop can't connect by itself, so I figured why not connect to my iphone which is connected to my wifi. I have tried mywi and pdanet, but miwi only supports 3g (i think) and pdanet needs a bluetooth pc. The laptop does not have bluetooth. Is there an app out there that does not need the pc to use bluetooth but rather make the iphone into a hotspot? Thanks
    2010-07-19 11:55 PM
  2. infin's Avatar
    seems odd your laptop cant connect by itself, i say time to get a new laptop or usb wireless adapter.
    2010-07-20 03:49 PM
  3. jkmonkey's Avatar
    Mywi supports both USB and wifi tethering. If your using the USB tethering, as in you have the USB connected to laptop and phone, the the computer will be using whichever wireless connection the phone is using. If the phone is on 3G it'll be that. If the phone is on wifi it will be that connection.
    2010-07-20 05:16 PM