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    Hey again guys,

    Recently I restored and lost all my contacts, total bummer right? YES.

    So after an hour of fiddling, (then doing some research! *boom tsh*) I've discovered a way to get it back....

    If you have previous backups (found in the backup folder in user>appdata>roaming>applecomputer>mobilesync>back ups) but cannot restore to them, which was my first solution that failed, you can download a great program called iphone backup extractor here.

    You can use this to extract one file at a time, or you can pay for this (because this forum doesn't support finding a keygen for it!). It will extract the contaccts into a csv file. So you can import this .csv into outlook, but of course i didn't have outlook, or windows mail, if you are in the same boat, read on!

    On windows 7, and presumably other versions also, you can goto your user folder and therein lies a contact folder. Open that and across the top of the folder you'll have options, one is to import. Click that, then select you csv and voila!

    Now you can resync with itunes, selecting to sync windows contacts.

    Now if you cannot sync these contacts, just open the csv and manually copy them in. It's a pain yes, but it's better than losing your digits!

    2010-07-21 01:58 AM